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Scentsational Season


Need quick & easy gifts for children, neighbors, ....?  Try making these super, simple lunch sack Hot Cocoa Gifts.  All you need is the Stampin' Up! Scentsational Season Bundle, lunch sacks and Ribbon.  Oh, and don't forget the cocoa and mints.


Robin's Crafting Tips


  • Cut an ordinary lunch sack to 8", then fold in half.
  • Stamp images fro the Scentsational Season Stamp Set
  • Cut images with Holiday Collection Framelits and your Big Shot.  Zip, Zip, it's so quick.  Hint:  Keep Framelits in place with post it notes.
Hot Cocoa Gifts
  • The More Merry Messages Stamp set provided the perfect message for inside my packet.
  • Insert cocoa and mints
  • Tie with Gumball Green Satin Stitched Ribbon
Have plenty of packets on hand to give a  fun gifts!
Scentsation Season Bundle
Did you know that Bundling saves you $$$?   Save 15% with bundles.  There are 9 fabulous bundles to choose from including the  Scentsation Bundle used for today's project.  See all the great bundles Here
Is the Big Shot on you Christmas Wish List?  Don't forget to tell Santa.  Or give yourself the gift of the Big Shot plus some with the Stampin' Up! Starter Kit.  As a bonus you will receive a discount on all your crafting needs.  Find out more about Stampin' Up! Discount & Starter Kit Here


Have a fabulous day,



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It's a fantastic gift for this Christmas.




Yes! Finally something about Presents.


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