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DIY Marker Storage For Under $10

Marker Storage


DIY Marker Storage for under $10.  With the introduction of Blendabilities Alcohol Markers, I knew that I needed a handy, inexpensive way to store my markers.  The icing on the cake is that my marker storage is stylish too.

I Easily have room for all 48 current Stampin' Write Markers, 42 Blendabilities and the Color Lifter.  Plus, it would be super easy to build up for 6 additional cavities.

Marker Storage Tutorial

Here's how we made my Marker Storage for Under $10.  First a trip to a Home Improvement or Hardware store was in order.  I purchased a 10' section of 1-1/2" PVC or Drain Pipe and a can of PVC Cement.  That's it!

Marker Storage Tutorial

Joe cut 5" lengths of drain pipe with his Miter Saw.  This pipe was really dirty (it's meant for drains), so it received a thorough washing.

Marker Storage Tutorial

Next, we (we meaning Joe, I watched) clamped together 7 pipes to form the base.  The clamps held everything in place for assembly.

Marker Storage Tutorial

Next, Joe Brushed on PVC Cement as he added the second layer of 6 pipes.  

Marker Storage Tutorial

We added four layers, but we could have continued building for even more marker storage.  If Stampin' Up! adds even more lovely Blendabilities (Oh, the joy of new toys), I will certainly add a few more layers.  I love that I can store so many markers in such a small footprint of space. 

You may not want to hang out with your new Marker Storage While it is drying.  The fumes may make you a little loopy.  Trust me, admire it later.

Blendabilities Alcohol Markers Update-Stampin' Up! expects to have enough inventory to meet customer demand at the end of June or early July.


 WooHoo!  The Stampin' Up! Annual Catalog is live!  

Catalog PDF

Holiday Carryover Flyer


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Great job. Pinned it! :D

Barbara Chatzkel

Do you put one set of Blendabilities in each "tube"

Robin Feicht

Good Question, Barb. Yes, I put one set of markers in each cube.

Sue Besaw

My husband will be making mine ASAP! Great idea!

Robin Feicht

You're going to love it, Sue!


This might be a silly question, but can you paint the pipe prior to construction?

Robin Feicht

Good Question, though I don't really know. I keep mine white.

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